Bead Wire

Tyre bead wire is a high quality carbon metal. It is incorporated in the structure of the tyre to withstand bumps, heat and other hazardous conditions. radial tyre bead wire is 1.6 mm and nylon tyre bead wire is 1.10mm. Therefor, the wire obtained from end of life tyres is also of high quality matieral and resuing it can be a highly lucrative for the businesses as well as the environment. Scrap Bead Wire is used in converting to shot blasting, high tension springs, wire mesh, wire baskets, nails, cutting tools. Since this is extracted from tyres it is available at a very reasonable rates.

A Scrap truck or Bus Tyre consists of 20-25% of high quality steel in it. The metal bead wire is obtained when the waste tyre is put into the shredding machines. It is very important to derive the bead wire in one single piece.

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