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Upcycling is the new wave of sustainable fashion. Upcycling is environmentally more rewarding than recycling; however it is difficult to explain the difference between the two in words. Rubber Products has ventured into the upcycling segment of the rubber industry and believes that it will create tremendous value for the society. We also plan to upcycle various other rubber scrap and create useful products.

Earthstar Rubber Industries has a reputation of more than five decades. With a vision to create a legacy in the rubber industry we forayed into this industry in the year 2022. Since then we have been in the forefront to recycle all kind of rubber and tire waste. We are proud because through our business activities we are contributing to a major cause of moving towards a greener planet. With the rich experience of operating in the B2B marketplace we have understood the importance of being a reliable supplier in the B2B business. Hence our relations with our customers have developed in a way that we act as a subsidiary or an ancillary unit for them. We have created an end to end value chain for our customers. We are not only the major source of feedstock / raw material manufacturer for our customers but also are a dependent sales channel for their finished products and undertake waste management activities for them. This is how we have created value over the years and will continue to do so. Having a strong foothold in the rubber recycling industry, we aspire to become an influential name in the entire rubber industry.

Choosing the kind of material and mechanism used to make tools that cut rubber in desired dimension is not an ordinary job. Our skillful engineers are an exquisite resource for designing and making precision tools. These tools are crafted by keeping in mind the various properties of rubber.

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